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Elle Burton:Missing, the second book in the Elle Burton series by Peggy Mound McAloon picks the action from the first book. Elle and Jimmy, the reformed bully need to rescue Elle’s brother, all while keeping the Fiori a secret. With strong characterization and a plot line which is about much more than the rescue, this is a terrific book for children as it deals with common issues of childhood without interfering with a rollercoaster of a plot.  -Alex McGilvery of celticfrogreviews.

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Have you ever had to sacrifice something to bring back something or someone you love? Peggy McAloon is here today to talk about the second book in her Lessons from Fiori series, Missing. Elle’s brother has been kidnapped. Will she be able to save him?

About the Book

Kidnapping. Monsters. Magic.

Missing Cover for Kindle 12 1 15Elle’s desperate to find her kidnapped brother. She teams up with the winged warriors from the dimension of Fiori to save him, but JJ isn’t the only one in danger. What will Elle sacrifice to bring her brother home? Can she fulfill the ancient prophecy and restore the magic of the Bronze Pendant?

You will love this Coming of Age, action-packed fantasy for middle-grade readers. Elle Burton’s goal is to rescue her brother. What she discovers is pure evil. The author provides a female role model who strives to overcome her flaws and inspire kids everywhere.

“Missing” blends the magic of a fairytale with the contemporary realities of the world today’s youth inhabit. You will discover a new world order through the journey of a young girl who exhibits both compassion and jaw-dropping courage in her quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Find yourself caught in the ultimate struggle between good and evil. “Missing” is the second book in the “Lessons from Fiori” series.

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About the Author

McAloon_2838Peggy M McAloon is on a mission to inspire kids everywhere to stand up to abuse and bullying. Her “Lessons from Fiori Series” about a young girl from Wisconsin, provides a strong female role model who isn’t afraid to show compassion or hack into a con man’s computer if the need arises. Peggy’s courageous battle with depression, abuse, and a traumatic brain injury has enabled her to identify with both children and adults who have suffered from abuse and bullying.

She’s a retired trainer and speaker in the field of commercial credit. Her first book, “The Art of Business Credit Investigation” was featured in Inc. Magazine. She’s been interviewed by the Associated Press and appeared on news shows in her efforts to protect our water resources.

FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/peggymoundmcaloon/
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There are seventeen prizes with seventeen winners! Peggy is generously giving away 5 signed copies of the first book in her series, Elle Burton, 10 signed copies of her new release, Missing, and 2 replicas of Elle’s necklace.

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Excerpt #1

The intensity of Mother Blue’s gaze made him fidget.

I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve done to upset you,” Jimmy said. “I was trying to protect Elle and help her mother find JJ! I never meant to cause anyone any trouble. Elle’s mom asked me to bring her back and that’s what I was trying to do.”

You caused all this trouble because someone else’s mother told you to?”

It wasn’t just that. Elle helped me out last year and I wanted to do something nice for her. Back then everyone hated me.”

Why did they hate you, Jimmy?”

I was pretty mean. I guess you could say I was a bully. I was hurting inside so bad because my brother hit me at home and stuff. I think I wanted to make other people know how it felt. I’m really sorry now, and I’m trying to make up for it.”

Can you tell me what you learned from all that?”

Jimmy pulled on his earlobe and shuffled his feet from side to side. “I learned it’s much more fun to be friends with people and to help them than it is to be an—” He caught himself before he used one of his brother’s curse words. “A whatever.”

Jimmy, you have a kind heart, and I know you only did what you felt you had to in order to protect your friend. That is an important quality in a human being. But there are rules, and Elle broke one by bringing you here. There could have been serious consequences.”

I promise I’ll follow the rules as soon as I figure out what they are. Are you the queen here or something? Everyone bows when they see you.” Jimmy watched as a light breeze gently lifted the dark curls that reached below her knees.

I’m the leader of the Fiorins who help protect Earth’s children. I wore a blue dress in some pictures painted of me from long ago, and the Fiorins began to refer to me as Mother Blue.”


Are you an angel?”

What an interesting question. We operate much like you visualize a guardian angel would. Fiori is a dimension in time and space which operates parallel to your own universe. From the beginning of time, we have traveled to your world through reflective portals to protect and love human children.”

What’s a reflective portal?”

Jimmy and Tyler nibbled on butter biscuits while Mother Blue described travel through the portals, as well as wish travel. When guides wished themselves someplace, she explained, it had to be to a location, not to a person. Elle had forgotten about location, and her mistake in wishing herself to Amadeus landed them in the middle of the fight with the Zorin.

He wouldn’t have believed any of this if he weren’t standing right here in this huge castle. He shook his head, hoping he’d wake up if it was all a dream.

So that’s how I got here? Elle wished me through the reflection in the tack box?”

Yes. Before today, the only humans who ever entered Fiori were guides. I’m rather at a loss as to how to handle this mix-up, but the key to our continued success is that no one in your world is aware we exist except our chosen guides and children under eight. Our survival and ability to protect children depends upon that security.”

I promise I won’t tell anyone.” Jimmy shuddered at the thought that he might never again be allowed to go back home. He certainly didn’t want to live in Fiori for the rest of his life. It was nice, but he’d miss his friends too much. Heck, he’d even miss his obnoxious bully of a brother and the parents who referred to him as an accident. They were mean, but he still loved all of them and hoped they would learn to be a happy family one day.

Please don’t make me stay here.” Tears filled Jimmy’s eyes and he swiped at them with the back of his hand, embarrassed that he’d shown weakness.

We would never do that. You are free to return to your home anytime you wish. I have the power to make you forget what you have seen and learned here—but I think I have a better idea. Bernstein, what are your thoughts?”

Mother, I have been closer to Jimmy than anyone,” Bernstein said. “He’s a good child. He was tested, and he did falter, but he’s found his heart again. He’s proven he’s brave and good. With some direction, I believe he will do his best to help others.”


The first book in the series, Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals has been reduced by Amazon. The softcover is at 56% off, or $6.11 for the 276-page book. Double check the price before purchasing, though, since Amazon can change the price at any time. Missing is also free on Kindle Unlimited.

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