St. Peter’s Fish in Beyond the Wail

St. Peter’s Fish is a short story in Beyond the Wail an anthology put together by Xchyler Press.  Here’s a taste of the story

A large trout slapped Sam across the face. He put his arms up but they were coming thick and fast now as the trout gave way to mackerel and then tuna.

BEYOND-THE-WAIL-front-web“Damn,” he said, “I’ve never seen it this bad. I hate it when it rains fish.”

He dodged from overhang to overhang, shaking water and slime from his face. One more stretch and he’d be safe in the Barfing Frog, though he expected his pub to be empty given the weather. That’s when the mournful cry of a blue whale floated down to him. The shadow of the plummeting whale headed directly for him.

“Oh well,” Sam waited for the end. A quick and painless blow and he’d be free of this miserable life. The whale missed him and landed on his pub, smashing it to splinters and covering him with blubber and blood.

“That’s it!” Sam screamed at the sky, “something has to be done about this and I’m the one who’s going to do it.”

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