Tales of Light and Dark

tales-of-light-and-dark-smHero Wanted

I am not a bad man.” the Lord Robert, the King’s Sculptor said.

The Lord High Sculptor’s companion, who was altogether unremarkable, nodded his head, not in agreement, but to convince the artist to get to the point. Give him a King or a merchant who would just say ‘Go and kill so and so.’

The King wants another statue for the Garden of Heroes.” the sculptor said. “There are eight figures on the north side, and only seven on the south.” Bob nodded again. “There are only fifteen great heroes in our tradition. We need to create a new hero.”

Why do you need me to make up a hero?”

No, no, no. It has to be an authentic hero. That is where you come in. You need to start a war. Not a big war, I don’t want too much trouble, but enough of a conflict to allow someone to rise to the occasion. Go look at the Garden and you will see what I need.”

Bob made his escape and visited the Garden of Heroes. He thought of himself as a hardened killer, but those statues turned his stomach. Each of the fifteen heroes was shown dying in extreme agony. One was being torn apart by huge wolves, another was filled with countless arrows. The worst part was that Bob began to see how he could accomplish the task.


The war with the trolls began through a series of tragic misunderstandings. A hunting party found itself on troll territory. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the trolls hadn’t taken all the horses to eat, or if the King’s nephew hadn’t been breaking in his favourite horse.

That incident might have been forgotten, if a party of trolls hadn’t missed the boundary stones and wandered into the kingdom. Unfortunately they bumped into the nephew who decided to find out whether trolls really did turn to stone in sunlight. They do.

Things went downhill from there.

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