22 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Challenge”

  1. Nicely done, that floor could have been problematic but the way the left tog is in front of the shadow makes it enhance the photo instead. Great job!

  2. Day 2 – Beautiful clarity in the shot, especially apparent in full view. I hope the yawn doesn’t indicate his/her boredom with being a model this month!

  3. Day 1 – They look like they’re having fun! The warm colours are nice too!
    Day 2 – Yawn! A little less energy than yesterdays, all worn out.
    Day 3 – I wonder what’s behind the fence? Maybe another day’s photo can be angled so you can see what he/she’s looking at?

  4. Day three
    I really like the composition in this shot. I wonder what he’s looking at. He looks quite focussed!

  5. Day 1- The brown dog doesn’t seem to want to share and the black brindle dog doesn’t seem to care πŸ™‚

    Day 2 – Great timing catching him (her?) in mid-yawn.

    Day 3 – I wonder what she/he is looking at? Cool contrast of textures with the wood and the fur.

    Day 4 – Is she/he looking at the same thing the brown dog was looking at the day before? Now I’m really curious! Looks like he/she wants to get to it badly, whatever it is.

    Day 5 – Aww, that’s one dog in deep sleep.

    Day 6 – Nice, a photo of a photo πŸ™‚

  6. Day 2 – What a yawn! Those are not easy to time right
    Day 3 – So curious, sweet dog. Very nice composition
    Day 4 – Haha! What a nice visitor to come through your gate. Adorable
    Day 5 – So tired, so peaceful πŸ™‚
    Day 6 – Clever one, neat to get to see things the way you do

  7. Day 7: This one feels a bit too much like a snapshot. I wonder if you would have gotten down lower, you would have avoided the 2 dogs in the background, keeping it all about the dog in front.

    Day 8: They sure look like they are having so much fun. Cute pic!
    Maggie – Eurydice

    1. I took a few of them, This was the best. The flash didn’t flatten it too badly. He moved way to fast that day and I didn’t get the shot I was looking for. I”ll likely try another day. Thanks for the comment.

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